Industrial and building cleaners

Westfalen HBM

Effectively dissolves and removes all kinds of dirt, especially greases, oils, soot dried up residues. It can be used in all types of industry as building cleaner and in maintenance, as a manual indoor floor and machine cleaner.

Westfalen HBS

Effectively dissolves and removes all kinds of dirt, especially greases, oils, soot and dried up residues. Without foam components. It can be used in all types of industrial companies as building cleaner and in maintenance as indoor floor cleaner in cleaning machines.

Westfalen Betonlöser

Effective on concrete and cement crusts. Cleans construction machines and equipment soiled by concrete; removes veils, layers and incrustations. Also removes rust easily. Especially developed and highly effective inhibitors protect against material degrading, especially for iron and steel. Paints, glass and plastics are also very well protected. Not suitable for brass, copper and aluminium parts.

Westfalen Asphaltlöser

This optimized solvent mixture, easily dissolves and removes tar, bitumen, primer, oils and greases from metal surfaces, plastics, glass, tiles, facades, pavement, stone and washed concrete slabs. It can be used to clean asphalt machines, equipment and to clean brushes and whisks. The added emulsifier system makes rinsing with water easy.

Westfalen Graffiti Fluid

Highly effective, washy, mildly alkaline cleaner with excellent dissolving power. Removes a.o. graffiti, water-based paints and varnishes, bitumen, plastic residues, impregnating agents, resins, waxes etc.

Westfalen Graffiti Paste

Highly effective cleaning paste for removing graffiti, paint and coatings. Can be used to remove graffiti, adhesive residues, baked-on dirt particles, resins, paints, bitumen, rubber residues, waxes, felt-tip pens and epoxy-based paving mortar from metal, wood, stone, concrete, glass, plastic surfaces and from tiles and bricks.

Westfalen HBM Power